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Coarse Fishing Tackle Review: Daiwa Exceler Plus Series Reels

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What type of coarse angler are you? Coarse fishing type depends on the attitude of the angler. Do you go out to relax without putting much effort in your fishing trying to catch anything that comes by your way? If you are, then you must be enjoying pleasure angling. Are you a member of an angling club or love to enter various fishing contests where you try to catch as many fish as possible in a given amount of time? If so, then you love the adrenaline rush of competing in match angling. Do you dedicate yourself to catching a particular type of coarse fish in order to weigh, photograph and record it as your personal best even if it takes days or weeks? Then you must be a patient and devoted angler to specimen hunting. But no matter what type of coarse fishing you are into, you’d always need a dependable coarse fishing tackle to aid you in your fishing exploits. Here’s some information for Daiwa’s Exceler Plus Series Reels which could just be the handiest equipment for your everyday coarse fishing needs.

Key Features of Daiwa’s Exceler Plus Series Reels

You’ll surely never take your eyes off this beauty once you see it. The Exceler Plus Reels has a smooth and beautiful metallic finish which is constructed with the super metal body, Hard Bodyz technology. This means that this is one very solid and rigid reel that has precise machine cut gears for optimum efficiency. This amazing fishing tackle has certainly set the standards in modern reel design and technology. It has optimized power, speed and durability that live up to the challenge of any fishing condition that you are in.

More About Daiwa’s Exceler Plus Series Reels

The Exceler Plus Series features the latest in Daiwa https://cadiahoaphat.com/ fishing technology. It has Air Bail and Twist Buster II which provides stress-free and longer casting easy handling performance without the hassle of line troubles occurring. In addition, the Exceler Plus Series has seven ball bearings and two corrosion resistant ball bearings to induce comfort while providing maximum protection by shielding out abrasives in the reel. It is also equipped with digital gear design called the Digigear which is the fitting together of marine bronze pinion gear and ultra-tough alloy drive gear for better performance. It also has a cast lock mechanism and Infinite Anti-reverse which help slow down runs of huge and powerful fish. It has a one-touch folding handle and a micro adjustable front drag which benefits the anglers a lot. Exceler’s ABS aluminum spools provide better drag performance and higher winding speed. The Exceler Plus Series is a great piece of equipment that shouldn’t be missed in your coarse fishing tackle armory.

Final Thoughts on Daiwa’s Exceler Plus Series Reels

The Exceler creates a smooth winding action and power conversion that makes it simply stand out from other coarse fishing reels. So on your next coarse fishing tackle purchase, remember Daiwa’s Exceler Plus Reel! This is the excellent choice in coarse fishing!