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Equipment for Boat Cleaning – Generators and Pressure Washers

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If you are planning on cleaning boats, yachts, and vessels down at the marina you are going to need the right equipment. Not long ago, I was talking with an auto detailer and he and his partner wanted to expand their business, perhaps washing aircraft or boats. There are not any medium or large airports nearby, well at least any with corporate jets, but there was a marina in his city. He is currently cleaning and detailing cars at various corporations and at wealthy residences.

So, he’s decided to have a go at the boat detailing business, but his current equipment in his mobile auto detailing van or on his auto detailing trailer is somewhat inefficient. It’s too noisy, and somewhat unreliable. He asked me what I thought, and we had an online dialogue about this, going back several times, with various questions. Okay so, below is my advice to him, and it might be worthy of consideration for you as well.

We ought to discuss the choice of pressure https://topenergy.com.vn/ washers. If you are going to run a dry dock detailing company then your choices of pressure washing systems would be different than if you are going to go mobile or put your unit on a cart that you can move onto the dock and work straight from there. If you are going to work from the dock side, I recommend going with a cold-water unit, unless you are going to do industrial work or clean fishing vessels.

The reason being is that you really don’t need a full on steam cleaner (hot water pressure washer) with all the bells and whistles to clean fiberglass hulls, with quality gel coats and paint jobs. For dock cleaning it makes sense to have a reliable pressure washer regardless of whether you use ultra-clean water (de-ionized or reverse osmosis) or not. I always recommend a Honda motor and a CAT or General Pump, and I’d say 2500 PSI is a good amount pressure to propel your cleaning efficiency.