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What Career Prospects Does Instrumentation Engineering Bring Along?

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Instrumentation engineering deals with the principle and operation of measuring instruments used in automated systems in electrical and pneumatic domains. This kind of engineering is applied in automated processes in chemical or manufacturing plants. The instrumentation engineers deal with the design, installation, wiring and signal conditioning. They are responsible for calibration, testing and maintenance of the system. These professionals look after with measurement, control and automation of processes in different industries. They are even involved in designing gauges, monitoring electrical components and other hi-tech processes in industrial or manufacturing settings. They are eligible to be employed in automobile, electronics or any other industry producing any kind of systems or instruments.

This form of engineering involves:


  • Designing and developing different control systems
  • Maintaining the existing control systems
  • Collaboration with design engineers and purchasers
  • Project Management
  • Compliance of systems with health and safety regulations
  • Dedicated consultancy support



To specialize in this branch of engineering, you can pursue your Bachelor’s Degree in Instrumentation. The name of the course may vary in different institutions as some call it B. Tech – control and instrumentation and some may refer to it with some other names. However, the course content remains the same. The curriculum involves system dynamics, industrial instrumentation and process control, analytical and bio-medical instrumentation and robotics. It even includes concepts from chemical, mechanical, electrical, electronics and computers.


The future prospects for this profession https://eco-zenergy.com/cac-loai-van-an-toan-o-ecozen/ seems bright as instrumentation engineers are fit for many industries. Steel, oil, petrochemical, power and defence production are some of the industries that have independent instrumentation department. The professionals studying this discipline are also suitable for software and hardware industry. These engineers are required to be extremely good at their logical skills, which is the basic quality, one has to possess to get into software industry.

This form of engineering became prominent with the evolution in avionics, aeronautical and space science sectors. It can get you placed in reputed process and manufacturing industries. The work that you would be expected to do in these manufacturing units would be designing, developing, installing, managing equipments, further to monitor and control machinery and processes. Vacancies in this sector are always abundant and allow the aspiring students to chase their dreams. The best job opportunities in this field can be explored in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad. These cities offer great career prospects and ensure a better future for professionals in this field.